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Crypto Games

I have found 3 #android games that really pay straight to your Coinbase Wallet..  They Pay almost Immediately. These games are not going to make you wealthy, BUT these games are great as a time waster that brings a trickle of coin everytime you play. 
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WordCrypto pays in BTC once  every 3 days straight to your Coinbase Wallet. 

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CryptoPop pays in ETH once every 3 days, straight to your Coinbase Wallet

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PopStellar Game pays in Stellar Lumens (xlm) It pays once every 3 days straight to your CoinBase Wallet

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Hi. Im Jen, leave a comment, so i know you were here. i swear, being a team of only me makes for a slow and difficult journey to build this thing into anything with value. These Games are actually on my phone, but i do not play as often as possible to achieve the best payouts. This page also contains my affiliate links for these games. I will be updating this page as often as i find a games that are legitimate and has paid out for me.